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Israel Museumlogoagmon3 Topic: Israeli Space Program.

Date:  March 15, 2016

Time: 7:15 – 8:45pm

Location:  YML Group – Tower 1, Westfield Shopping Plaza, 2204/520 Oxford St, Bondi Junction

Dear friends,

I am honoured to invite you all to the Israel Business Club Sydney’s special event on “Israeli Space Program”, featuring guest speaker: Mr. Mei Moalem – Lt. Col(Ret.).

Mr. Moalem, who was the manager and leader of the First Israeli Astronaut Project – Colonel Ilan Ramon (RIP), will speak(in English) about the fatal Space Shuttle Columbia mission  and the Israeli Space Program.

Mr Maolem retired from the Israeli Air Force as a Lt. Col in 2011 after years of service, many of them within the UAV & Space Systems department. He has extensive experience in UAS and space systems R&D. one of the projects he led during his service was the MEIDEX mission on board the STS-107 Columbia space shuttle flight in 2003.

Tickets: This event is free for members and costs $60 for non-members (if you are not a member just sign up for the event and we will send you a link for payment).

Contact: office@ibc-sydney.org


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