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Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach

69-73 Hall St 

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Topic: Wills

We are honored to invite you all to the Israel Business Club Sydney (IBCS) next event, with guest speaker: Mr David Sekel from Sekel Oshri Lawyers and an expert in the drafting of wills under the Australian law.

Mr. Sekel will talk (in English), with club members, about the importance of drafting a will and taking the trouble to keep it current from time to time. during the discussion, Mr Sekel will discuss the various types of will, and will include examples discussing situations where part of the family, or part of your property is situated in other countries like Israel. [clearfix]

Date:  Thursday, March 25, 2015

Time: 17:30 -18:30 

Type: Close event.

Tickets: This event is free for members and for members only. 

Contact: office@ibc-sydney.org

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