Background and Objectives

The Israeli Business Club Sydney (IBCS) was founded in Sydney in October 2014.

The Club was founded following an expeditionary trip of our Club chairman, Mr. Yoav Mark Lewis, to meetings of the London Israeli Business Club, and learning about similar clubs in the world. Later Yoav, and other members participated in the launching of a business club in Melbourne.

IBCS was founded to support and promote business and personal relationships within the Israeli business community of Sydney, to strengthen relations with Israeli companies operating in Sydney, and to promote relationships with other clubs and communities both within Australia and abroad.

IBCS Main Goals:

  • Promote a Networking platform for Israeli business people in Sydney, promoting mutual support, and sharing of business activities.
  • Promote platform for Israeli companies operating in Sydney, or wishing to enter the market, to present their company, and to engage with the member’s experience and relationships within the business community of Sydney.

  • Promote the relationships with the Jewish business community in Sydney, as well as other Israeli business clubs in Australia and abroad.

  • IBCS encourages and supports members from all areas of our business life. Among IBCS members are business people from Sydney and surrounding areas, as well as Israeli companies. We come from different areas of expertise including technology, real estate, trade, agricultural development, medical, communications, legal, accounting, banking, investment, immigration, art and others.

IBCS encourages and supports members from all areas of our business life. Among IBCS members are business people from Sydney and surrounding areas, as well as Israeli companies. We come from different areas of Technology, Real Estate, Trade and expertise, Agriculture Development, Medical, communication, Legal and Accounting, Banking, Investment, Immigration, art and others.

Founders and board members

Yoav Mark LewisGreat International Design

Yoav Mark Lewis, a Chartered Accountant and founder of YML Group, a successful financial services group specialising in SME, taxation, financial planning, finance and holistic advice.

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Doron GoldbarshtGreat International Design

Doron, a PhD candidate at UNSW, specializing in global administrative law, accomplished his LL.B and LL.M at the law faculty in the Hebrew University and worked ase …

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Isaac SalomonGreat International Design

Isaac is the founder and manager of CIS Corporation – a company that provides sales and service of medical imaging equipment: CT, X-Ray, and the like. The company sells equipment to, and…

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Danny NadriGreat International Design

Technology oriented, added value entrepreneur. Living in the north shore Sydney for the last 2 years, and promoting solutions in water treatment, roads maintenance and IT. Married with …

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Principles and Policy

IBCS will operate in accordance with its founding principles, and legal foundation memorandum.

  • Executive Team operation is voluntary, including legal and Accounting.

  • IBCS is established as a non profit corporation. All funds are for the club operation, and remain within the club.

  • Members pay an annual fee, which will be used for the club operation.

  • IBCS promotes the voluntary activities of its members for the club, and for the business community. We strive to help others before looking to our own benefit.

  • If required, a club manager will be appointed to manage the daily activities, events, administration etc.  Any such officer will be paid a salary.

  • The club operates with complete transparency of its financial activities to all members.

  • The main language of the club operation is Hebrew. We allow presentations in English, and encourage participation of English speaking members, but the club is not confined to English in its regular activities and presentations.

Club activities

In order to fulfill our goals, the club will engage in the following activities:

    Primary Club Meeting

    This will be the main networking forum for the club meetings. The meetings will be held initially every 6 weeks with the ultimate goal of having 10 annual meetings. During the meetings we will have:

  • Gathering and Networking.

  • Presentation of an Israeli company operating in Sydney.

  • Presentation of a club member in his/her area of expertise, recent business success story etc.
  • Balance in Life – not only business.

The Club is funding the Primary Meetings. No additional fee is required for members to attend.

In order to promote Networking, the club will operate a website. The website will include information about coming meetings, special events, promotions and advertising. Our Patron and sponsors will be promoted. It will also include details of members, and their activities. We encourage our members to get familiar with other member’s business activities, and to promote cooperation. A forum for employment will allow members to seek either employment or to engage employees.

    In addition IBCS will promote the following activities:

  • Special meetings / seminars in specific areas of interest – e.g. investments, banking, medical etc.

  • Fund raising for the club activities.

  • Promoting cooperation with other similar clubs in Australia and the world.

  • Promoting the relationships with the Jewish business community of Sydney.
  • Promoting the relationships with other Israeli organisations like “Israeli House”, Israel Commercial delegation to Australia, and the Israeli Embassy.

    IBCS Funding

    IBCS Funding will include the following sources:

  • Members Annual Fee.

  • Club Patron.

  • Club Sponsors.

  • Company Sponsors of Regular Meetings and events.
  • Advertising in our website, meetings and events.